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iScripts give you professional copywriting right to your inbox as if you hired a copywriter to craft all your web content for you (website text, ads for social media, etc.).

All you have to do is complete the questions on the form with your "target customer" in mind.

Always answer the questions as if you are trying to attract a certain "type" of target customer, called an "Avatar".

Answer the questions the best you can.  This is for YOU to make sales with this crafted content. If you cannot answer a question put N/A.

You will receive your sales copy based off your answers right to your inbox within 24 hours.

Open the email and read thru the sales copy.  Make any edits/changes so that it makes sense for what you are trying to sell. 

With practice, you will see how amazing this works and will want to use iScripts again and again.

ISCRIPTS: Seinfeld Email Topic Ideas (2)
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ISCRIPTS: Seinfeld Email Topic Ideas. Never run out of ideas for emails with these proven scripts. This script gives you an incredible result with just a couple of variables!
(Ex: Tori Jones)
(Ex: Author, Writer, Mom, Dad, Insurance Agent)
(Ex: keyword research, BBQ chicken, race cars, selling more insurance)

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